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Our Services Include:

We may be a small company but we provide big s ervice to our customer. We offer Five Drilling Rigs of various size and depth capability to serve our customers needs. Several of these rigs are mobile unit based to enable access to remote and difficult locations. We also offer two work over rigs to help keep your wells productive and profitable

Drilling Rigs

We offer Five Drilling Rigs of various size and depth capabilities to serve our customers needs.

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Trucks & Cranes

CMT OFFSHORE DRILLINGShas the highest precision transport systems in the oil & gas servicing industry. We have a multitude of services to satisfy all requirements to guarantee a safe, cost effective transport with superior logistics.

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Fabrication Services

With our full mechanical engineering services coupled with our complete fabrication services we have the capacity, the material, and expertise to perform. Whether it’s an idea, prototype, drawing and/or something completely specialized we strive to work closely with our customers to create and bring your vision to life.

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Machining Services

Here at CMT OFFSHORE DRILLINGSwe keep our quality standards high in order to deliver you with precision machining. We have a superior level of highly skilled machinist working in conjunction with our engineering department to make your idea come to life.

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Safety Services

At CMT OFFSHORE DRILLINGS & Service Company we put safety first, above all else. Our Management team is dedicated to providing all of the necessary resources to ensure that our employees are provided with a safe workplace.

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Mobile Welding

elders are a vital component to the oil and gas industry. Our welders carry out repair jobs and maintenance work around the clock. We have full time welders to prevent any down time providing reliable service.

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We provide pre-employment and on the job safety training. We also provide a regiment of online safety training courses provided by UL Puresafety and assigned to each employee on a quarterly training schedule.

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