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Safety Page


At CMT OFFSHORE DRILLINGS & Service Company we put safety first, above all else. Our Management team is dedicated to providing all of the necessary resources to ensure that our employees are provided with a safe workplace.

Our world class HSE Department is comprised of five full time employees to ensure frequent assistance in the field. Members of the HSE Department are an integral part of the team and work with all members of the company from upper management to our employees in the field by assisting with all safety needs. We keep our employees safety knowledge continuously expanding by holding monthly safety meetings and making regular job site appearances, to remind employees that safety comes first.

Make no mistake; safety is a team effort involving everyone, transcending job titles. It takes immense hard work plus dedication to keep this workplace safe. Our safety team is continually evolving and adapting to new work processes and protocols. With the help of our HSE Department and employees we strive for zero incidents and injuries.

Our Goal

Through our world class safety program we strive to:

  • Protect our employees
  • Achieve an injury and incident free workplace
  • Lower our cost of operations through safety practices to ultimately pass the cost of savings on to our customers
  • Continue to be the preferred contractor for our customers

Our Promise

Here at CMT OFFSHORE DRILLINGSand Service Company we vow:

  • To always keep safety first
  • To create a workplace that is free of identified hazards
  • To have an open door policy where all employees suggestions or concerns are welcomed and/or considered.
  • To never sacrifice or compromise safety to perform a job quicker or easier.

We will insist on continuous improvement in all areas of health, safety, and the environment. In order to always strive for improvement within in our safety measures we have members of the HSE Department consistently monitoring employee’s behavior by providing oversight as needed for all work.