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Rig 2Details

Rig 2

  • Type: Drilling Rig
  • Kind:Self-propelled
  • Depth: 8,500 ft.
  • Misc:Fast Mover

Drilling Rig Description

Our Rig 2 is a self-propelled, hydraulically raised double with a depth rating of 8,500 feet with 4", 14.00 lb drillpipe. This Rig is a very fast mover and has an extremely small and flexible footprint.

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Hopper Hoistmobile Drive-in, Model GXXTA, double drum hoist powered by (1) Detroit Diesel Series 60 electronically controlled engine with an Allison CLBT-750 transmission.


Hopper 106' derrick with a maximum capacity of 300,000 lbs. The derrick is hydraulically raised and scoped and is mounted on the drive in unit.


Hopper trailer mounted unit. The floor measures, 18’ X 18’ X 12.5’ high. Total capacity is 450,000 pounds. This unit includes a 45’ racking platform and houses the rotary drive system.

Rotary Drive System

National 17 1/2”, powered by Detroit Diesel Series 50 electronically controlled engine with Allison HT-754 automatic transmission.

Traveling Equipment

  • - Emsco model RA30-4 150 ton traveling block hook combination with four 1” sheaves.
  • - King Oil Tool 15-MB swivel.
  • - 4 1/4” x 41’ square kelly.
  • - Baash Ross 1RHS4 square drive kelly bushings

Handling Equipment

PGDS HydraCat system for makeup and breakout. Air spinning chain. Pullmaster M8, 8000 lb. hydraulic winch for the main line. Gardener Denver HKK air tugger for the high line.

Mud Pumps

Pump #1 and #2 are identical. They are Continental Emsco F-650 triplex powered by one MTU 8V-2000 650 hp electronically controlled engine. Pump is complete with Hydril 10 gallon pulsation dampener and 5 x 6 charging pump. All piping and valves are 3” 3000 lb. test pressure. We typically install 5 ½” inch pump liners. Additional sizes can be provided to suit individual pumping requirements.

Mud System

Two tank in line configuration with an active capacity of 260 bbls. Equipped with a (1) single shale shaker, Halco 6” High Shear mud hopper, (2) electric driven 5 x 6 centrifugal pumps powered by Toshiba 40 hp electric motors, mud dock, and pill pit.


(2) 230 KW Spectrum Generators powered by Series 60 electronically controlled engines mounted in an enclosed 40’ x 8’ x 8’ high house with Square “D” switchgear and Dresser Air Compressors.

Storage Tank

Water tank is 40 ft. by 8 ft. wide and 8 ft. high with a 450 barrel capacity equipped with (2) 1 ½” by 2” centrifugal water pumps powered by Toshiba 5 hp motors. Fuel tank is 2,000 gallon capacity. Mounted on a stand for gravity feed operation. The stand also houses a four compartment lubester and 200 gallon waste oil tank. Secondary and tertiary containment is available upon request.


Doghouse is 40' x 8' x 8' high with lockers, drinking water, first aid station, Tool Pusher Office and Parts Room.


15000 feet of .092” slickline is spooled on the sandline drum.

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